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Pillow &
Blanket Sets

Snuggle-Up & Dress-Up!

Pillowie is part: Stuffed Animal, Pillow, Blanket, Costume & Carrying Case ALL IN ONE!

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Forest Friends

Great for



With plenty of room inside to carry the blanket, pajamas, or a secret treasure, it's the perfect companion for a night at grandmas, nap-time at preschool, or for an adventure beyond!

Air Travel

Whether they wear it, carry it or attach it to a backpack, the warmth and versatility of each set is sure to suit the needs of even the most demanding and enthusiastic voyagers.


Perfect for life in a tent and the great outdoors. The pillow is reversible so it can be flipped over to its smooth side should the plush side get dirty through play or in transit. Fill the pillow with additional clothing articles for a firmer feel.

Car Travel

Soft and versatile, these sets are perfect for life on the road. With an easy to carry handle and just the right amount of fluff in the pillow, you can rest assured that they are in for a comfortable ride.


Or a trip to the backyard! The pillow holds the blanket safely inside and the set is light and easy to carry. Pillowie is perfect for all kinds of adventures, big and small.

cool for school

An ideal, self contained preschool nap-time set. Easy to carry, machine washable, and with enough room to carry a cot sheet inside as well.

Loaded With Features

Our pillow and blanket sets are made with premium plush materials and using the highest quality craftsmanship. Incredibly soft and lush, yet durable! Pillowie withstands the tough and tumble of even the most adventurous dreamers & explorers.

With easy to carry handle

Pillow stowes blanket inside


Converts to smooth travel pillow

Pillow is a hat and blanket is is a cape in a snap!

Machine Washable



Heightens imaginations & promotes pretend play