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Pillowie is the brainchild of Andrea Montes - mom of two, originally from Bolivia and based out of Los Angeles. An industrial Designer by trade, Andrea worked designing toys and products for world renowned brands for over 18 years, until 2015 when her identical twin daughters were born. After a hiatus of 2.5 years raising her children, and battling severe postpartum depression, she set out to actively change her condition by re-engaging with something she felt passionate about. And so she started a company with her very own kid’s product line!

The following 12 months were spent on product development combining her expertise, her love for nature & adventure (which always helped her re-set), and her new-found experience as a mom. A travel with kids-in-tow advocate from the very beginning and a proponent for the importance of play, Andrea’s idea for Pillowie was born out of the many trips and camping adventures her and her husband embarked upon with their spirited toddlers.

Who We Are

We are a family run business and we believe in having FUN! We believe that there are real play opportunities (that are often missed) in our day to day, because being functional and having great play potential are not mutually exclusive.


We stand behind these three principles with a line that consists of useful yet meaningful products. Our mission is to deliver on quality and functionality, all whilst encouraging adventure, heightening imaginations, and providing a comforting play experience for kids in all walks of life.


Charities that are close to our heart and we contribute to are:
World Wildlife Fund
Postpartum Support International